segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

Of Karma

Oh boy...she's the ultimate bitch, that's for sure. And she is everywhere. She's like the Big Guy up there. Omnipresent. Just waiting to show up uninvited, normally with a big evil plan to make sure that we pay our dues. She's ruthless, blunt, and she has no manners. Basically, she's a beautiful savage. Has no mercy, and a twisted sense of humor. She's the dark side in all of us. Those cruel words we said, or that time we turned our backs on someone in need. She doesn't forget any of it. She's a freakin' sniper that never misses the shot. She's FBI, CIA, KGB, all in one. No matter how hard we try to escape, she will come after us. But, of course, there's the good karma. Well...that one rarely makes an entrance. And if it does, it's barely noticed. Because, obviously, it's the mistakes that cost us the most. Things have consequences and impact on ourselves and others around us. And forgiveness is a very important part of moving on, get some closure, and maybe (just maybe) fall on the good will of bad bitchy Karma. If forgiveness doesn't come, we are most likely doomed to her demands. And that's when the real lesson kicks in. And, damn, I've learned a few the hardest way imaginable. God works in mysterious ways; Karma shows you everything directly and crystal clear, with a bonus: a punch in the stomach and a kiss on the cheek. She's a bad ass chick that will mess with your head. And don't worry...she will get to you too. 

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